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Lagos is, without doubt, Nigeria’s liveliest metropolis. The city of 18 million-plus residents is the hub of entertainment, fashion and culture. So visitors to the ‘State of aquatic spledour’ should expect to experience the very best of local creativity and talent, ranging from music and dance to drama and poetry.

With the perfect guide, Lagos can be a delight for the tourist and @TravelNextDoor offers the following excursion/ sightseeing tour packages to help you catch all the fun there is lurking anywhere in the city.

(1)   Cosmopolitan Lagos package (Itinerary takes tourists to the city’s trendiest events/ shows)

(2)   Eco-Lagos package (itinerary takes tourists to the city’s Wildlife Parks/Forest Reserves)

(3)   Historical Lagos package (Itinerary takes tourists to landmarks that have shaped the city’s evolution)

(4)   Heritage Lagos package (itinerary takes tourists to strictly cultural attractions, including festivals and palaces)

(5)   Arty Lagos package (itinerary takes tourists to galleries/exhibitions, live music/ concert venues, literary event, fashion shows, etc)

These packages are flexible and can—based on request, proximity of location and time-related factors—be tailored to suits your specific preferences. In essence, attractions from the different packages can be re-grouped to make up an entirely different offering altogether.

@TravelNextDoor also offers location-specific itineraries, like its popular #VisitBadagry, #VisitEpe and #VisitAbeokuta excursions. Except otherwise agreed, meals and light refreshments are served on all the packages (usually lasting all-day), promoted by @TravelNextDoor.

NB: Depending on period of visit, tourists could also enjoy an array of traditional festivals (August); fashion shows (October), film festivals (March-April), musical concerts (Jan-December), and carnivals (March/ April)


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